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End of July…

How did July go by so quickly?! Here at World Headquarters things have been chugging along normally. There were lots of naps, many snuggles, and even a bite or two to WebMistress. She deserved it, obviously.   Here’s a picture of two sleepy kitties for your viewing pleasure.   Enjoy the rest of your [...]

Where’s Mimi?

Here’s a little picture of Mimi trying to hide – or flirt – from behind the blinds. You decide. >^..^< Meow!

End-of-year love

I have a few photos to share to end 2016 on a lovely note. Here’s to a great 2017…I know, I know, it is early…but still. >^..^< Meow!

November sunbathing

Mimi and Sushi took some time to enjoy the fall sunshine next to the open window. These girls are definitely living the life!! >^..^< Meow!

Kitty pics from the Instagrams

So there have been painfully few updates here recently, but there are updates going up regularly on the Instagrams. (We’re auntie_kella over there.) Here are just a few photos from there for you to see here. You’re welcome.         >^..^< Meow!

Dullsville here :(

Things are dull up in here. It is sooooo frustrating that there is such a low image size allowable in WordPress…limits photos that can be posted without manipulation in Photoshop. Unfortunately, Photoshop is only on one computer and it is getting near the end of its life…Ugh… Mimi and Sushi are well and happy, and [...]

Friends from the farm

WebMistress has a friend with a farm full of Thoroughbred horses, including two new babies. The cow and pony below served as quite the distraction, however, and there were no photos of the horse babies…but please enjoy “Pony and Cow”! They were so friendly and they even came when they were called by their names [...]

Friendly critters

Here are a few photos of some friendly critters WebMistress encountered on a recent trip to Orange County, California.   >^..^< Meow!

Oh, the boredom!

Yes, things are dull here at World Headquarters. Even Mimi can’t be bothered to do anything exciting.     >^..^< Meow!

Hiney-to-hiney girls!

Mimi and Sushi sleep a lot. Like, a whole lot…but they rarely get close to one another. The other day they were caught with their hineys touching! It was too cute. Just ignore the crazy reflections in their eyes…They are not demon kitties. Honest! There was no time to worry about lighting. This moment had [...]