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Happy 17th to Loulie!!!!

Loulie is 17 years old today!!!!! How’s THAT for a kitty with kidney disease and a hyperactive thyroid?! GO, LOULIE, GO!!! There will be much rejoicing and snuggling when WebMistress gets home from work tonight. JOY!   Edited after arrival at home: There was much joy for all!! Loulie and Mimi celebrated with some delicious [...]

A birthday greeting for the best Mimi Wrangler® West of the Mississisppi

Yep, I said (wrote??) Mimi Wrangler®. You, dear readers, may be very well aware that capture of the elusive Mimi Le Mew is, at best, difficult. At worst, it can be painful and also somewhat embarrassing. I mean, she is elusive, after all. Perhaps you even recall an update or two regarding putting a collar [...]

Loulie’s Sweet, Sweet 16

YAY!!! Today is officially Loulie’s 16th birthday and we are super stoked about that. Again, to Dr. Kevin in Hershey who told me to put Loulie to sleep when he was only 3 years old, please let me say the following: SUCK IT AND SUCK IT HARD. To the kitty experts at VCA-VRA in Gaithersburg, [...]

Party update!!

Yesterday, as you may know, we had a surprise 16th birthday part for Loulie. It was a blast and everyone had a great time. Loulie dined on some fresh salmon (or “sammin feesh” as we call it here…) for lunch. The Ritter’s Critters human crew attended (‘cept for Loulie’s Uncle Dave) and came bearing gifts. [...]

Surprise birthday party for Loulie’s 16th

Here at World Headquarters we had a very happy day today. Loulie’s Auntie and cousin (The Ritter’s Critters bunch) came to celebrate his 16th birthday!! Although Loulie is not officially 16 until July 10th, WebMistress decided to celebrate today and make it a surprise. Loulie was definitely surprised. Mimi and Sushi were napping under [...]

You say it’s your birthday…

…Well it’s Loulie’s birthday, too!!   HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO LOULIE! He is, of course, the founder of and the feline patriarch of World Headquarters. Let us reminisce…   Loulie was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Frederick, Maryland, waaaaay back in 1996. He was but a wee kitten with lots of energy [...]

Happy 13th Birthday, Loulie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Loulie’s 13th birthday!!!!!!!!!! We plan to celebrate by letting Loulie eat chicken and have a little rice pudding. Oh, and there will be lots and lots of snuggling. My guess is that there will be no party hats. Have you ever tried to put a hat on a cat? It is not fun. [...]