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Rest in peace, sweet Baby Stella

Words fail WebMistress at this time, so please read the e-mail below from Michael about our beautiful Stella. He sent it on June 19th.   Stella passed yesterday at 11:00. I got up around 7 and took her outside for the morning, where she laid in the dirt all morning with me. She hadn’t eaten [...]

Stellllaaaaaa!!!! (and Nora)

WebMistress received a lovely photo of Stella today and she is with her friend Nora the squirrel. Stella’s humble human caretaker tells WebMistress that they Stella and Nora hang out and that Nora even takes peanuts from Stella’s human. {WebMistress seems to remember that the father of Stella’s human also has an affinity for squirrels.} [...]

Stella on the big screen

You may remember that Stella and LBH packed their kitty sacks and moved to California last summer. Well, it didn’t take the lovely Stella very long to hit it big, but she has!   Let it be known that LadyBabyStella has an exciting role in an independent film and she is quite pleased about it. [...]

I can haz HD videos?

Today is an exciting day for We are proud to share our first HD-quality video with you! Michael of East had to buy a new camera for his business and it has built-in HD video capability. Joy! Of course, his first priority was to take a video for Even better than that? [...]