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Sushi the grass gnawer

June was a long month of cat naps for Mimi and Sushi. Of course, so was May…and April…and March…and…well, you can probably see the pattern here.   Sushi has been boldly requesting to sit out front during the nice days and she has been obliged. A few years back, she had some teeth pulled. Now [...]

May update

Sushi had her yearly lion cut/spa day with Miss Norma and Mimi is just being cute. All is well at World Headquarters. >^..^< Meow!

Photobomber Mimi!

Mimi took the opportunity to photobomb Sushi, who was just trying to have a nap. Is nothing sacred? >^..^< Meow!

The girls chillin’

I give you a Mimi and Sushi montage. Enjoy. >^..^< Meow!

Sushi and her milk ring

Sushi has recovered from her spa day and ever since that day, she has been uncharacteristically playful. This kitty is not one who typically plays with toys. Yes, the occasional cat nip mouse or laser dot do pique Sushi’s interest; however, over the last two weeks, an unassuming red milk ring (the plastic thing from [...]

Hangry Sushi

It seems that Sushi’s spa day has been rescheduled, so there will be no naked Sushi pics today. Check back in a few days for some Sushi loveliness. In the meantime, here is a little Sushi to hold you over for a bit. WebMistress took this photo in the afternoon right around the time when [...]

Morning sun

The first day of March brought out Sushi (in the front) and Mimi (hiding in the back). They found the best spot to catch some rays and warm their furry little bodies. And – just because – here’s a picture of Sushi where she doesn’t seem to be completely annoyed with a camera in her [...]

Eating grass

The other day, Sushi and WebMistress ventured outside so that Sushi could eat a little grass. Well, she didn’t actually eat the grass. She more chewed on it and didn’t actually swallow it. Since she had a few teeth pulled a while back, she seems not to be able to bite off pieces of grass. [...]

Shaved Sushi!

Thanks to Miss Norma (of A Cat’s Meow-Inn) for making Sushi even lovelier than usual today with her summer lion cut. This eliminates the issue of Sushi hacking up furballs everywhere as she tries to thin out her abnormally thick undercoat. Joy and delight!!  So pretty!   >^..^< Meow!

Sushi on the deck

Sushi was out on the deck enjoying the lovely weather. Today she spent about 15 minutes out there before being spooked by WebMistress walking over to the door. Hooray for spring!!   >^..^< Meow!