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Blanket bliss

WebMistress buys lots of things from QVC…LOTS of things. Rarely does a trip to the mall makes sense, so TV shopping is definitely the preferred mode around here. So…recently on a little QVC binge, a delightful heated throw blanket arrived. The blanket seems lovely, but the girls have already claimed it as their own. They [...]

In Loulie’s basket

In the photo below you will note that Sushi is lounging in a basket with a purple afghan in it. The basket was brought back from Germany many years ago by WebMistress’ dad. That basket was one of Loulie’s favorite places to nap – especially since it had the afghan in it. That was made [...]

Sushi maxin’ and relaxin’

July here at World Headquarters has been fairly quiet. Temperatures are up and then down…and then back up again. Sushi likes when the temps are down because she can just be her Sushi self. This morning Miss Sushi even ventured out on the deck for several minutes.   Though she remained very close to [...]

Sushi’s post-spa day update

Yesterday the lovely Sushi became the lovely naked Sushi! It was her yearly visit to Miss Norma for her lion cut. Miss Norma gave Sushi a good report card and Sushi came home smelling of vanilla and almonds. Here are just a few photos for your delight…the first three of which are courtesy of Miss [...]

Moth gazing

Cats can get bored. Did you know that? Did you even care? Mimi and Sushi were milling around last night somewhat aimlessly, so WebMistress decided to give them something to do. The outside light was flipped on and the moths and other flying nighttime critters quickly appeared. The girls were quite focused on these flying [...]

Video update featuring Mimi Le Mew

It has been a little while since an update on We are all trying to get back to normal around here, but what is normal without our sweet Loulie?   *sigh* and *sigh some more*   Well, Webmistress thought that a little happiness would be well timed. To that end, we give you MIMI [...]

~*~ The end of 2013 ~*~

Today is the last day of 2013. Loulie is already in his traditional black bow tie, although WebMistress has been unable to grab a photo of him with his eyes open. That darn flash simply vexes him; therefore, he refuses to keep his eyes open for most photos.   Per usual, the celebrations will be [...]


Today is the second day of accumulating snow at World Headquarters, but it isn’t even winter yet. There is a tree in the photo below that had been at about a 45-degree angle for years (including as recently as March of this year)…not really so much any longer…   Sushi says, “Bring it on, [...]

Seven seconds of Sushi

Today WebMistress shares a quick video with you. Presenting: SEVEN SECONDS OF SUSHI!!!!!   You’re welcome.   >^..^< Meow!


Please gaze upon the lovely Sushi and her sexy haircut.   That is all.   >^..^< Meow!