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This is how Mimi plays Ring!

Mimi’s favorite game after “The Light” or “Laser Dot” is Ring. You know those plastic rings that secure lids onto milk or water bottles? Yep, those rings. They bring Mimi bliss and joy. (We like to think that Sushi saw Mimi playing Ring so much that she recently started herself…See the post below.) Asking Mimi, [...]

Sushi and her milk ring

Sushi has recovered from her spa day and ever since that day, she has been uncharacteristically playful. This kitty is not one who typically plays with toys. Yes, the occasional cat nip mouse or laser dot do pique Sushi’s interest; however, over the last two weeks, an unassuming red milk ring (the plastic thing from [...]

Morning sun

The first day of March brought out Sushi (in the front) and Mimi (hiding in the back). They found the best spot to catch some rays and warm their furry little bodies. And – just because – here’s a picture of Sushi where she doesn’t seem to be completely annoyed with a camera in her [...]

Serene Meems

Enjoy a pic of Mimi just being happy.     >^..^< Meow!

Blanket bliss

WebMistress buys lots of things from QVC…LOTS of things. Rarely does a trip to the mall makes sense, so TV shopping is definitely the preferred mode around here. So…recently on a little QVC binge, a delightful heated throw blanket arrived. The blanket seems lovely, but the girls have already claimed it as their own. They [...]

A whole bunch of Mimi

Mimi has been more amenable to letting her image be captured lately, so here are a few shots of Mimi just for you. In case you didn’t know this little factoid, Mimi’s name when she was adopted from Kitty Cottage was Autumn. AUTUMN. Ugh. That name was immediately shed in favor of the more cosmopolitan [...]

Moth gazing

Cats can get bored. Did you know that? Did you even care? Mimi and Sushi were milling around last night somewhat aimlessly, so WebMistress decided to give them something to do. The outside light was flipped on and the moths and other flying nighttime critters quickly appeared. The girls were quite focused on these flying [...]

Video update featuring Mimi Le Mew

It has been a little while since an update on We are all trying to get back to normal around here, but what is normal without our sweet Loulie?   *sigh* and *sigh some more*   Well, Webmistress thought that a little happiness would be well timed. To that end, we give you MIMI [...]

~*~ The end of 2013 ~*~

Today is the last day of 2013. Loulie is already in his traditional black bow tie, although WebMistress has been unable to grab a photo of him with his eyes open. That darn flash simply vexes him; therefore, he refuses to keep his eyes open for most photos.   Per usual, the celebrations will be [...]

Even more Mimi!

WebMistress needs a nap and still must scoop the litter box, so this will be a quick post. LET THERE BE REJOICING!!! There is a new clip of Mimi available RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Click here to see Meems showing the brush much love. She does enjoy a good brushing, but sometimes Mimi takes matters into [...]