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Happy 2016!

Everyone here at World Headquarters would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2016. To celebrate, here is another photo of Loulie back when he was a wee one. It was miraculous that WebMistress had the camera trained on Loulie at the exact moment he jumped onto the screen. Yep, his little Loulie [...]

Kitten sweetness

While WebMistress was going through a box of office supplies the other day, the photo below was found. Yes, that is Loulie as a baby kitten!! This was taken on 21Nov1996 when Loulie was merely 4.5 months old. He had “sleepy face” in this picture. It now has a place of honor in WebMistress’ home [...]

Somber day

Today is the first time since 1996 that there has not been a jubilant celebration of Loulie’s birthday. This is the first birthday after our sweet, lovely Loulie left us, and it is a somber day. Trying not to get all verklempt here (but actually failing quite miserably), WebMistress is focusing on all the fantastic [...]

~*~ The end of 2013 ~*~

Today is the last day of 2013. Loulie is already in his traditional black bow tie, although WebMistress has been unable to grab a photo of him with his eyes open. That darn flash simply vexes him; therefore, he refuses to keep his eyes open for most photos.   Per usual, the celebrations will be [...]

From the vault…

WebMistress finally found and scanned the very first Polaroid photos of Loulie on his first day home (10-Oct-1996)!! They are a little blurry, but these photos show Loulie as a behbeh kitteh. This photo was taken on 7-Feb-1997, so it is Loulie at 7 months old. Enjoy Baby Loulie!!!   There is another Polaroid around [...]

17 years of Loulie!

In case you were not aware, today is the 17th anniversary (a Loulie-versary, if you will) of WebMistress adopting Loulie. There is a lot of snuggling and celebrating happening at World Headquarters today. Perhaps there will be a photo of young Loulie posted in the next few days. (Back in the day, WebMistress only [...]

A catnip haze

Okay, SERIOUSLY, this weather is just unacceptable. Perhaps we shall write our Congresscritters to lodge a formal complaint. It is so disgusting outside that poor Sushi only goes out in the very early morning hours. This makes her a little cheesed off because her paws get wet from the dew on the grass. (It also [...]

Happy 17th to Loulie!!!!

Loulie is 17 years old today!!!!! How’s THAT for a kitty with kidney disease and a hyperactive thyroid?! GO, LOULIE, GO!!! There will be much rejoicing and snuggling when WebMistress gets home from work tonight. JOY!   Edited after arrival at home: There was much joy for all!! Loulie and Mimi celebrated with some delicious [...]

Three kitty pics – no foolin’!

It is rare that lazy WebMistress gets out her big camera to photograph the kitties of This laziness is a shame, but thankfully, a few lovely shots of the cats are captured by WebMistress’ camera phone. I give you Loulie…Mimi…and Sushi…   >^..^< Meow!

16 years with Loulie

This is just a short note before we at World Headquarters head up to bed for the night…Today is the 16th anniversary of Loulie adopting me (your humble WebMistress) as his mommy. We are quite happy to celebrate this momentous event. Even Mimi and Sushi are seemingly ready for bedtime snuggles in celebration. WebMistress [...]