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Shaved Sushi!

Thanks to Miss Norma (of A Cat’s Meow-Inn) for making Sushi even lovelier than usual today with her summer lion cut. This eliminates the issue of Sushi hacking up furballs everywhere as she tries to thin out her abnormally thick undercoat. Joy and delight!!  So pretty!   >^..^< Meow!

Slacking WebMistress

After all of the hoopla following the breading of the cats of, WebMistress almost forgot to update the site for March. Whoops! Besides, the weather has been so nice that Loulie and Sushi have been spending time outside eating grass…and then promptly hacking it up onto the carpets at World Headquarters. Why must [...]

Sushi’s lion cut video

Yes, you read that correctly! I have a video of Sushi post-lion cut!!! Below is her “before” picture.   As you can likely see, there is A LOT of fur on this girl. There is so much that you can see it sitting on top of her fur and on the couch cushion. This is [...]

Sushi’s spa day approacheth!

Well, I have scheduled an appointment for Sushi for her annual spa day next week. The web site for her favorite spa is undergoing some changes, so if you need a gifted groomer for your feline near Collegeville, PA, Sushi wholeheartedly recommends Norma. You can reach her at ngrosick at verizon dot net. Tell her [...]

Hmmm…I’ll give this a try…

Okay. Since has moved to WordPress, I have been lax in updating it. I am scared of new things. I knew how to use the old site, but this new one frightens me. New is bad, mmmkay? I’ll hope this this post comes out okay, but I am not holding my breath. There is [...]

Sushi’s day at the kitty spa

Sushi has thick fur. She has a LOT of thick fur. I do not think that any cat at World Headquarters has more fur than my Sushi girl. As such, she tends to shed excessively when the seasons change. In fact, she sheds when you look at her, when you touch her…just all the [...]