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Video update featuring Mimi Le Mew

It has been a little while since an update on We are all trying to get back to normal around here, but what is normal without our sweet Loulie?   *sigh* and *sigh some more*   Well, Webmistress thought that a little happiness would be well timed. To that end, we give you MIMI [...]

Even more Mimi!

WebMistress needs a nap and still must scoop the litter box, so this will be a quick post. LET THERE BE REJOICING!!! There is a new clip of Mimi available RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Click here to see Meems showing the brush much love. She does enjoy a good brushing, but sometimes Mimi takes matters into [...]

Sushi’s bliss

Welcome to September! Fall is soon on the way, although you would never have guessed it by the humid air today at World Headquarters. The day started out fine, but the rain and higher temperature later in the day made for a soupy mess. (As we say here at World Headquarters, it was [...]

History-making video update goodness!! (and the peasants rejoiced…)

Never before in the history of has there ever been such a mega-huge update to the videos section! It has been a long time since this blog has had an update, so I decided (on Loulie’s sage feline advice, of course) to spew forth an abundance of video entertainment. That said, however, ignore the [...]

A veritable cornucopia o’ videos

Well, for the second time in just three days, there is ANOTHER update to I updated you on Sushi’s spa day (post below) and I even included a small photo of her lovely bejeweled bow within the post. What have I done for you today? I have uploaded four recently captured videos featuring four [...]