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Archive for May, 2009

Kitten shower at Kitty Cottage

YAY! The Kitty Cottage is a no-kill shelter in the Philadelphia suburbs. That is where I found Mimi Le Mew (previously known as Autumn). On May 2nd they were holding a kitten shower, so Michael and I had to go!! We brought gifts of clumping cat litter and a big package of paper towels. We [...]

A veritable cornucopia o’ videos

Well, for the second time in just three days, there is ANOTHER update to I updated you on Sushi’s spa day (post below) and I even included a small photo of her lovely bejeweled bow within the post. What have I done for you today? I have uploaded four recently captured videos featuring four [...]

Sushi’s day at the kitty spa

Sushi has thick fur. She has a LOT of thick fur. I do not think that any cat at World Headquarters has more fur than my Sushi girl. As such, she tends to shed excessively when the seasons change. In fact, she sheds when you look at her, when you touch her…just all the [...]