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Number 7 – at least for now

Today we have a special guest blogger at It is Michael, caretaker at East World Headquarters. He is owned by Stella, Sashimi, and Henry. What does today’s blog title mean? Michael would like to tell you about a very sweet kitty now named Mabel. At least for now, we consider Miss Mabel the [...]

Oh, and one more thing…

It took me 30 minutes to post the previous entry. Wanna know why? Because Blogger is evil, that is why. I end my posts here with a little kitty face like this: >^..^< and there has never been an issue. But not today. I kept getting an HTML error that I didn’t quite understand, so [...]

Where my FTP at, yo?!?

Dang it, man. I just tried to upload some great pics of the cats, but the FTP is jacked. Cripes. Then I thought that I’d convert some movies into the proper format for your online viewing enjoyment, including the much-anticipated Mimi vet visit clip, and NOTHING. The stupid program gave me an error message that [...]

Happy 2010!

All of us at World Headquarters would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2010. Loulie’s web mistress is resolving to be a little more diligent with updates. Really. I swear I will. What is to come this year? Well, we’ll have video of Mimi Le Mew’s first vet visit since her adoption [...]