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Archive for March, 2010

Birthday Celebration for Henry

Woo hoo!!! Today is Henry’s first birthday!!! Our Little Baby Henry is growing up, but he keeps getting cuter. Henry came to visit West today. He played with Loulie and Mimi. He made Sushi hiss and growl. He played squeaky mouse so very hard that we had to repair the string. Henry feasted on [...]

Mabel’s new life

Well, after nearly two months living in the basement of East, Miss Mabel is now in her new home. In case you do not remember, Mabel is an exceedingly friendly stray brought in by Michael a while back. The plan was to have her spayed and vaccinated (and likely taken in by one of [...]

Spring has sprung!

Well, technically, tomorrow is the first day of spring, but today was the first day of 2010 that Loulie and Sushi were able to go outside. It has been a rough winter and today was the best day of the whole winter season so far. It is 72 degrees on the last day of winter! [...]