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Well, is no longer in Blogger. We are now in WordPress and I am confused. I do not know how to make this page look normal, so please bear with me for a little while. I am not keen on the super teeny font and I do not know how to make this not [...]

RIP, Stinky

We have some sad news about a New Jersey member of the family. I heard today that Stinky Spriggs finally succumbed to her recent health issues. Though we never met Miss Stinky, we know from her human that she was a lovely kitty. Stinky is no longer in pain, but we know that her [...]

A little update

I have two pieces of good news. The first is that Loulie has gained weight! He had been losing weight last year and I was getting worried about him. His kidney disease certainly didn’t help matters. In November 2009, Loulie was only 9.8 pounds. Since then he has been eating a new recipe with ground [...]