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Archive for January, 2011

Fly, fly, fly…

Web Mistress has done a little research and it seems that the birds mentioned in yesterday’s post are Starlings. No matter what they are, though, all of the cats at World Headquarters love to watch them! If you are bored, do a search on Starlings. How they ended up in the US is a [...]

Bird war!

It is bloody cold here at World Headquarters and it is having an effect on everyone, including the outdoors friends of Yesterday Sushi was amused for about 15 minutes by six birds fighting at the window for bird seed and a suet cake. The birds had never visited before, but they must have [...]

Electric blanket joy

In the winter months it is quite chilly at World Headquarters. There is no need to turn up the heat, though. Keeping the heat low does two things. First, it saves web mistress money on her monthly bills (so that the cats get food and treats and what not). Second, it makes the cats [...]