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R.I.P. Edwina

As you know, we at do not like to bid farewell to other members of the family. It is, however, a necessity sometimes. You know that most members of the family are cats and dogs, but we embrace all non-humans, including those without fur. We recently lost the lovely Edwina and her [...]

Sashimi update

Today’s guest blogger is from the lead female human at Ritter’s Critters in central PA and she is giving us an update on newly relocated Sashimi.   Here is a summary of Sheemi’s first night with us… We had a calm evening…that is until it was time to bring in Snickers and Punkin [note from [...]

Sashimi Relocation Program – Sheemi in the country

Yesterday was an eventful day for Sashimi (a.k.a. Sheemi, Sheems, Sheem-a-lima) moved from East to the Central PA location where the Ritter’s Critters reside. He was relocated because it seems that Sheemi had a tinkling issue. He was the second cat to enter East and when Henry arrived (cat #3), let’s just [...]

Cat grass. Let us nom it.

It is official!! Loulie, Mimi, and Sushi all love the cat grass. Loulie especially loves to binge and purge the grass. On my carpet. Super. Thanks, Loulie. (Thank goodness for my Bissell Little Green!)   There is exciting video of Loulie and Sushi nomming the grass, but I am having technical difficulties right now. As [...]