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Archive for July, 2011

Courtyard joy

This is just a quick update to share a photo sent by Stella and Henry’s human caretaker. Now that they are in LA, I suppose they should work on their tans, so they sunned themselves in their courtyard. Stella lived on the mean streets before she adopted her human caretaker, and she does love the [...]

Leavin’ on a jet plane

Well, actually, it should be “left on a jet plane.” Both Stella and Henry packed their toy mice and kibble and have moved to Los Angeles. (I imagine that they will be looking for agents sometime soon.) Now that means that East is now West (like really, really West).   Webmistress was in [...]

You say it’s your birthday…

…Well it’s Loulie’s birthday, too!!   HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO LOULIE! He is, of course, the founder of and the feline patriarch of World Headquarters. Let us reminisce…   Loulie was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Frederick, Maryland, waaaaay back in 1996. He was but a wee kitten with lots of energy [...]

Henry returns!

This is just a short update since things are quite busy here at World Headquarters. Today Henry came for a visit! He has been a very busy kitty and has had little time to make the journey over here, but today his schedule cleared. The best part? Henry is going to hang out here [...]