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Loulie’s Sweet, Sweet 16

YAY!!! Today is officially Loulie’s 16th birthday and we are super stoked about that. Again, to Dr. Kevin in Hershey who told me to put Loulie to sleep when he was only 3 years old, please let me say the following: SUCK IT AND SUCK IT HARD. To the kitty experts at VCA-VRA in Gaithersburg, [...]

Party update!!

Yesterday, as you may know, we had a surprise 16th birthday part for Loulie. It was a blast and everyone had a great time. Loulie dined on some fresh salmon (or “sammin feesh” as we call it here…) for lunch. The Ritter’s Critters human crew attended (‘cept for Loulie’s Uncle Dave) and came bearing gifts. [...]

Surprise birthday party for Loulie’s 16th

Here at World Headquarters we had a very happy day today. Loulie’s Auntie and cousin (The Ritter’s Critters bunch) came to celebrate his 16th birthday!! Although Loulie is not officially 16 until July 10th, WebMistress decided to celebrate today and make it a surprise. Loulie was definitely surprised. Mimi and Sushi were napping under [...]