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Archive for April, 2013

Stellllaaaaaa!!!! (and Nora)

WebMistress received a lovely photo of Stella today and she is with her friend Nora the squirrel. Stella’s humble human caretaker tells WebMistress that they Stella and Nora hang out and that Nora even takes peanuts from Stella’s human. {WebMistress seems to remember that the father of Stella’s human also has an affinity for squirrels.} [...]

Sushi’s dental visit

Oh noes!!!11!!!1!! LittleBabySushiCat­® is recovering from a psychological traumatic experience. At least WebMistress thinks it was.   Details? It seems that Sushi had some dental decay and it was pointed out at her recent visit to the vet. Since dental issues can be quite harmful in kitties, WebMistress made the vet appointment to take care [...]

Three kitty pics – no foolin’!

It is rare that lazy WebMistress gets out her big camera to photograph the kitties of This laziness is a shame, but thankfully, a few lovely shots of the cats are captured by WebMistress’ camera phone. I give you Loulie…Mimi…and Sushi…   >^..^< Meow!