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An unexpected visitor (…or “Me so horny”)

The weather here has been hot and humid and everyone at World Headquarters is displeased about it. The little guy below, however, just seems a little lost. He paid a visit this morning. Loulie first noticed our horned friend and then WebMistress saw him. A photo was taken and then he hopped away.   [...]

Rest in peace, sweet Baby Stella

Words fail WebMistress at this time, so please read the e-mail below from Michael about our beautiful Stella. He sent it on June 19th.   Stella passed yesterday at 11:00. I got up around 7 and took her outside for the morning, where she laid in the dirt all morning with me. She hadn’t eaten [...]

Even more Mimi!

WebMistress needs a nap and still must scoop the litter box, so this will be a quick post. LET THERE BE REJOICING!!! There is a new clip of Mimi available RIGHT FREAKING NOW! Click here to see Meems showing the brush much love. She does enjoy a good brushing, but sometimes Mimi takes matters into [...]

People will say we’re in love…

First of all, if you don’t know what early ’90s movie spawned that quote, then you do not know WebMistress AT ALL. (Quotes from this movie spew from WebMistress’ mouth on a nearly daily basis, as she prefers to live in the past.) Please know that I weep for you.   Next? Oy, it is [...]