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From the vault…

WebMistress finally found and scanned the very first Polaroid photos of Loulie on his first day home (10-Oct-1996)!! They are a little blurry, but these photos show Loulie as a behbeh kitteh. This photo was taken on 7-Feb-1997, so it is Loulie at 7 months old. Enjoy Baby Loulie!!!   There is another Polaroid around [...]

17 years of Loulie!

In case you were not aware, today is the 17th anniversary (a Loulie-versary, if you will) of WebMistress adopting Loulie. There is a lot of snuggling and celebrating happening at World Headquarters today. Perhaps there will be a photo of young Loulie posted in the next few days. (Back in the day, WebMistress only [...]