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Archive for June, 2014

Sushi’s post-spa day update

Yesterday the lovely Sushi became the lovely naked Sushi! It was her yearly visit to Miss Norma for her lion cut. Miss Norma gave Sushi a good report card and Sushi came home smelling of vanilla and almonds. Here are just a few photos for your delight…the first three of which are courtesy of Miss [...]

Chillax-ation…fo’ reals…

This is just a teeny update to show where the girls now spend much of their time during the day: under WebMistress’ bed! I guess it is pretty cozy under there, so why not just chillax? The girls are very good at…chillaxing??   Happy Thursday to all!!   >^..^< Meow!

Moth gazing

Cats can get bored. Did you know that? Did you even care? Mimi and Sushi were milling around last night somewhat aimlessly, so WebMistress decided to give them something to do. The outside light was flipped on and the moths and other flying nighttime critters quickly appeared. The girls were quite focused on these flying [...]