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Sushi maxin’ and relaxin’

July here at World Headquarters has been fairly quiet. Temperatures are up and then down…and then back up again. Sushi likes when the temps are down because she can just be her Sushi self. This morning Miss Sushi even ventured out on the deck for several minutes.   Though she remained very close to [...]

R.I.P. to Harley (of the Ritter’s Critters gang)

Unfortunately, the family has another member who has joined the eternal ranks of Yesterday, the always sweet Harley was released from his pain, surrounded by his three human caretakers. Harley was a Sheltie who was nearly 12 years old. This delightful pooch was always the most polite critter of the Ritter’s Critters bunch. [...]

Somber day

Today is the first time since 1996 that there has not been a jubilant celebration of Loulie’s birthday. This is the first birthday after our sweet, lovely Loulie left us, and it is a somber day. Trying not to get all verklempt here (but actually failing quite miserably), WebMistress is focusing on all the fantastic [...]