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Snorfled by Mimi

Yes, I was snorfled by Mimi. “WTH is that,” you may ask yourself. A “snorfle” is defined as a cat nose being rubbed against one’s head (usually the back part) while purring and sniffing takes place, and sometimes the kitty mouth is slightly open. Purring may or may not accompany this activity. Snorfling. To snorfle. The originator of the snorfle is Miss Sushi Cat. She gives hard head butts and one day in the midst of a head butt, she kept her nose firmly embedded in my hair and started sniffing. Snorfling was born!

So, yeah, Meems snorfled me. It was cute since she has never done it before. Could it be that Web Mistress was sweaty as a result of her pathetic, embarrassing, feeble attempt at Zumba and Meems went in for a closer look? I doubt that Mimi has ever seen Web Mistress get sweaty. (Homey don’t play that, as the saying once went…)

I just added “snorfle” to my dictionary so that it would not have that annoying red squiggly underline thingy under it. Joy.

There you go. Snorfling, courtesy of Mimi Le Mew.

Oh, and I have planted cat grass. A few days ago I planted it (Saturday; today is Tuesday) and today I noticed some teeny sproutlings popping their chlorophyll-filled selves through the soil. Since I have not had them exposed to a lot of sun, I am surprised that anything happened. We’ll see how they growth continues…or if Mimi poops in the planter. *sigh*

What an odd post this is…



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