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Sashimi Relocation Program – Sheemi in the country

Yesterday was an eventful day for Sashimi (a.k.a. Sheemi, Sheems, Sheem-a-lima) moved from East to the Central PA location where the Ritter’s Critters reside. He was relocated because it seems that Sheemi had a tinkling issue. He was the second cat to enter East and when Henry arrived (cat #3), let’s just say that Sheemi took it upon himself to make it known to all that he was there before Henry. Oh, and then yet one more cat arrived. Sheems would mark his territory inappropriately. (Let me be clear here: Sheemi thought that there was nothing wrong with his act, but his human disagreed.)


Instead of taking Sheems to a shelter, where he would have an uncertain future, his servant/keeper asked your faithful WebMistress to find a home for him, perhaps with the Ritter’s Critters gang. After a little begging, Web Mistress found that the Ritter’s Critters family would be happy to welcome Sheemi into their home. Yesterday the transfer took place. Sheemi does not like to be in the car and he expresses his displeasure by, um, pooping in his carrier. Lovely. The two-and-a-half hour drive included four stops, three of which were for Sheemi’s benefit. I’ll spare you the gory details.


When the Sheemi caravan arrived (okay, not really a proper caravan, just WebMistress’ SUV), his new momma cleaned some poo off of his tail and he investigated his new home. Much time was spent sniffing around the garage. Lots of sniffing. Then he went out to his outdoor area. See, up in the country, people let their kitties roam outside, but they will bring them indoors (into a garage or a shed or even the house) at night or in bad weather. Sheemi will have a lovely outdoor house, complete with a white picket fence (!!) and a fenced-in front yard. This will be until he fully develops his outdoor kitty skills. Yes, he has his claws, so that is good. He is also vaccinated and has a brand-new flea/tick collar. He seems to enjoy his new surroundings, even though he now has to deal with the four dogs that live there. I am certain Sheems will keep those dogs in their place. Sheemi also was inside the human house for a few hours so that he could fully get to know everyone. He cares not for the little dogs, but he was somewhat tolerant (though cautious) of Harley, the oldest dog.


There is video, of course, but it has to be encoded (along with the cat grass nommage – see post below this one), so sit tight. For now, please have a peek at Sheemi in his new home.


Sheemi in his chair

on the porch

The tongue


Oh, one more thing…For some reason, Sashimi has always loved to lay on top of the washer and dryer and get brushed. Sheemi’s new keepers experienced his love of said appliances firsthand yesterday, as you can see below.





If you want to see more photos of Sheemi or of the other Ritter’s Critters, click here for Sheemi and click here for Ritter’s Critters. Do note that WebMistress will be leaving Sheemi in his own gallery instead of moving him to the Rritter’s Critters gallery in order to honor Sheemi’s original daddy at West. :)




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