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Hurricane Irene’s a-comin’!

This has been a weird week at World Headquarters. Let me just remind you, loyal reader, that we happen to be in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We get nasty heat and foul, funky humidity in the summer and snow in the winter. We had a bit of an earthquake and now, just a few days later, Hurricane Irene is popping through for a visit. See, the reason that World Headquarters is where it is has to do with the fact that we don’t suffer from earthquakes or hurricanes. Dammit. Perhaps I should move? No, that is not an option. How in the world would I capture and transport Mimi?! This is also why I am not getting out of town. I would never leave my cats and if I couldn’t take them all with me, then we’d all go down together. (Yeah, drama, I know.)


In any case, the rain has been falling here in the Philadelphia suburbs since about 2:30 this afternoon. It is now about 5:00 PM and the worst is yet to come. Sadly, though, the biggest stuff on the way will come after midnight, so any video that I capture will likely be of questionable quality. Perhaps I will see if I can grab some video, though.


We have food for the cats (including a fresh batch of Loulie’s delicious grub) and a bathtub full of water. We have a first aid kit, flashlights ad nauseum, water to drink, a fully charged cell phone, and a little battery charger thingy that has a light, compressor, and will charge my phone (and iPod). I think that nifty gadget also has a radio. Perhaps I should have purchased an emergency supply of chocolate ice cream?


Sushi actually went outside today despite a little rain falling. I haven’t seem Meems since brekkies, and Loulie is sleeping nearby. I wonder if they know something’s happening. (I also wonder if they had an idea what happened when the earthquake happened earlier this week…) Sushi is at the back window watching the rain. She seems quite interested in the outdoors, in fact.


It seems to WebMistress that Stella and Henry’s caretaker got out of town just in time to avoid Mother Nature’s unwelcome assault on the East coast. Seriously, Mother Nature, KNOCK IT OFF! That nasty ho (Mother Nature, not Stella) is the cause of the delay of WebMistress’ trip to LAS VEGAS. Dang it. My vow is to get there this week, so help me.


Be safe, everyone, and stay tuned for another exciting (?) update about how we at World Headquarters are faring through this hurricane debacle. Stupid rain.




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