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My sweet Loulie

I have no words right now. It is through tears that I write this update…and I just don’t know what to write.
Last night, my sweet, lovely Loulie peacefully passed away in my arms. There will be no more pain for him. Going into detail is too painful for me and it serves no purpose other than to exist forever in cyberspace as a sad reminder of March 7th, 2014. Loulie would not want this…Trust me on this one…after being with him for over 17 years, I know this. He – and I – would want you to remember him in all of his glorious, wonderful Loulieness. To honor him, that is what I’ll do.
If you never met Loulie, then your life will always have a small Loulie-shaped hole in it. If you did meet Loulie, you know what an amazing cat he always was…and how very strong he was.
Please raise a glass (or have some cat nip) to Loulie, the founder of and the best damned cat EVER. We’ll always love you, my lamb.

My Loulie - 10Jul1996-7Mar2014 ** You will forever be in my heart. **

My life would not be as wonderful over the last 17 years had Loulie not been in my life. Thank you, Loulie – for everything you gave me. I hope that you know exactly how very much you were loved and treasured. Rest in peace, mommy’s lamb.


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  • 1 Barb yazmış:

    Loulie, you were the best cat and constant companion to my dear Markella. May you rest in peace pretty boy and may Markella find comfort in all of her wonderful memories..
    You will be missed, don’t be sad Markella = Loulie was the luckiest cat in the world to have found you :)

  • 2 The Ritter Family yazmış:

    Our hearts ache for you at the loss of dear Loulie. You gave Loulie the best life he could have had and in return he gave you much love, joy, companionship…and,um, hair balls! We will miss you Loulie!

  • 3 Jess yazmış:

    As a fellow cat mom of senior cats myself I grieve with you Markella. Loulie was so lucky to be adopted into such loving home, and then to be joined with fun kitty siblings. My heart really goes out to you. I am glad the blog lives on. You are right that Loulie would have wanted it that way. Meow out.

  • 4 Sharon Ricardo yazmış:

    It was with great sadness that I read about Loulie passing on to cat heaven. He had such a privileged life and could not have wished for a better human companion and carer. I have fond memories playing with Loulie during his time with you in PA.

    Even Ryan, the villain of all fluffy creatures, is saddened to hear the news.

    with love and best wishes

  • 5 Jean-Marie yazmış:

    How I’m going to miss the Loulie stories and the oh-so-dapper glamor shots! Sweet Loulie, I know that you’re rolling in piles of catnip right now having a visit with all the other kitties who are just waiting for us to see them again someday.

    Markella, I’m sending tons and tons of love your way. Loulie’s life was awesome because of you and I know what it feels like right now. Somewhere Loulie’s giving a giant purr in your honor. (And, admittedly, so am I.)


  • 6 Holly yazmış:

    So sorry to hear of Loulie’s passing. He was a lucky cat to have such a great family with you and his adopted cat siblings. And his legacy will live on in the inspiration for this website I hope. It is amazing how animals can touch us and sometimes seem to better understand what we need in life: a loyal, smart, funny and warm companion who loves unconditionally! To bond with a cat is a special experience and I am so sorry for your loss.

  • 7 Kara Stover yazmış:

    Angel Loulie- I am so sad you are gone!! Thanks for always keeping me on my toes and teaching me to never give up! You will be so missed! Big hugs to your Momma!

  • 8 Michelle yazmış:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved Loulie. He is an amazing cat and I’m going to miss him dearly when I come to visit. He was so lucky to have your for his momma! My heart is so sad for you. I hope that you can find peace in your heart with all of the wonderful memories of your sweet “lamb kisses” and all the love you shared!

  • 9 Liz yazmış:

    I was saddened to hear of Loulie’s passing. Although, I never met him personally, his shining personality came through in your wonderful writings about him – as did your deep love for him. He brightened many a day for me. I am very sorry for your loss!

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