Read all about Loulie and his saucy feline friends!

Sushi and her milk ring

Sushi has recovered from her spa day and ever since that day, she has been uncharacteristically playful. This kitty is not one who typically plays with toys. Yes, the occasional cat nip mouse or laser dot do pique Sushi’s interest; however, over the last two weeks, an unassuming red milk ring (the plastic thing from the top of a milk container that is usually tossed into the trash) has captured her attention. She picks it up in her mouth or between her front paws and then flips it into the air. Even Mimi was seemingly confused by Sushi’s regression into her kittenhood. Perhaps losing all of her heavy fur made her happy. Perhaps she was bored. Maybe she just wanted to see Mimi’s reaction. Regardless, we at World Headquarters are sure loving watching Sushi play!
…And…here are some shots of Sushi and her fancy post-spa-day coiffure.

Naked Sushi and her heating pad


Sushi enjoying the morning sun

Bedtime with Sushi

 Check out the girls relaxing before bedtime.

Mimi and Sushi hanging out on the electric blanket

 Here’s a pretty shot of Mimi on her purple blanket. Look at those dreamy eyes!

Lovely Mimi gazes out the window.




Hangry Sushi

It seems that Sushi’s spa day has been rescheduled, so there will be no naked Sushi pics today. Check back in a few days for some Sushi loveliness.

In the meantime, here is a little Sushi to hold you over for a bit. WebMistress took this photo in the afternoon right around the time when Sushi is ready for her dinner. She waits…and stares until she is appeased. Woe be to WebMistress if Sushi is not fed.

Sushi waiting

Sushi has perfected the "feed-me-or-die" stare. Note the empty placemat and her total disdain. Sushi is HANGRY.




Morning sun

The first day of March brought out Sushi (in the front) and Mimi (hiding in the back). They found the best spot to catch some rays and warm their furry little bodies.

Sushi and Mimi catching a little morning sunshine

And – just because – here’s a picture of Sushi where she doesn’t seem to be completely annoyed with a camera in her face.

Lovely Sushi!

Happy March, everyone!





Oh, the boredom!

Yes, things are dull here at World Headquarters. Even Mimi can’t be bothered to do anything exciting.

Sleeping Meems...She just CAN'T.





Happy 2016!

Everyone here at World Headquarters would like to wish you a happy and healthy 2016. To celebrate, here is another photo of Loulie back when he was a wee one. It was miraculous that WebMistress had the camera trained on Loulie at the exact moment he jumped onto the screen. Yep, his little Loulie claws held him up long enough for the photo.

Baby Loulie holding onto the screen for dear life...This was in December 1996.





Hiney-to-hiney girls!

Mimi and Sushi sleep a lot. Like, a whole lot…but they rarely get close to one another. The other day they were caught with their hineys touching! It was too cute. Just ignore the crazy reflections in their eyes…They are not demon kitties. Honest! There was no time to worry about lighting. This moment had to be captured before one of them became spooked (easier than you’d think) and made a break for it.

Our buttocks are touching!





Morning Meems

WebMistress works from home and is usually supervised by Mimi. This morning, like many others, Mimi sunned herself in WebMistress’ office.

Sun-drenched Mimi

You’re welcome.





October – treats and catnip

October is nearly gone and WebMistress has finally gotten around to an update!!

Mimi has a new love: a cat treat toy! Little crunchy kitty treats go inside and then kitty paws at said toy to make the treats come out of the toy. It didn’t take Mimi long to figure out that this device gives her treats when she knocks it over. In fact, she has also discovered that she simply needs to put her tongue in the hole and a treat will pop out. Smart cat.

Treats for Meems

Not one to be left out of the fun, Sushi was found frolicking with the orange catnip mouse that was Loulie’s birthday present a few years ago. Both of the girls continue to love this toy.

Sushi...fully extended and a little under the influence of the orange catnip mouse...

Finally, while the photo below is blurry, Mimi’s intent is clear: She’s flipping you off.

I'm Mimi Le Mew. Suck on it.




Kitten sweetness

While WebMistress was going through a box of office supplies the other day, the photo below was found. Yes, that is Loulie as a baby kitten!! This was taken on 21Nov1996 when Loulie was merely 4.5 months old. He had “sleepy face” in this picture. It now has a place of honor in WebMistress’ home office where Loulie’s sweet, sweet kitten face will be seen every day.

Little baby Loulie

The cuteness is overwhelming!!!!!!




Eating grass

The other day, Sushi and WebMistress ventured outside so that Sushi could eat a little grass. Well, she didn’t actually eat the grass. She more chewed on it and didn’t actually swallow it. Since she had a few teeth pulled a while back, she seems not to be able to bite off pieces of grass. She does, however, seem to enjoy chewing on them, so that is what she does. It makes her happy, as you can see in the photos below.

...just chewin' on grass...

**cough** I'm gonna eat this grass no matter how icky it is!

Yums! Licking my Sushi lips for the grass