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Morning Meems

WebMistress works from home and is usually supervised by Mimi. This morning, like many others, Mimi sunned herself in WebMistress’ office.You’re welcome.     >^..^< Meow!

October – treats and catnip

October is nearly gone and WebMistress has finally gotten around to an update!! Mimi has a new love: a cat treat toy! Little crunchy kitty treats go inside and then kitty paws at said toy to make the treats come out of the toy. It didn’t take Mimi long to figure out that this device [...]


Yep.   >^..^< Meow!

Small update

WebMistress is feeling a little lazy, so we’ll keep it short today.   Enjoy a few photos of Mimi and Sushi! Meems was just posing with the wool scarf she now considers to be hers. Sushi was outdoors for the first time this year soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the flowers.   …And finally, [...]

Farewell, Ginger…

A few nights ago,’s Eternal Chapter gained another member. We never like increasing the ranks, but sadly, we must. One of the Ritter’s Critters, feisty and lovable Ginger, passed away in the night after a brief illness. Ginger was a Sheltie and a very good girl. We are all quite upset about this unexpected [...]

Just a little Meems…and Sushi!

It has been a while since an update, but things have been quiet here at World Headquarters. Mimi received a healthy brushing this morning and even posed for a beauty shot in the warm sun.   Sushi has been sleeping in the sunshine – just like Loulie used to do. Even though the calendar [...]

Seriously way too cold

Like, this is not even a joke. It is so cold and windy here (like 6 degrees F!!!) at World Headquarters that we can’t even form a thought. The girls are cozied up in their favorite places keeping nice and warm. Their little bird friends outdoors, however, are – well…outdoors. Those poor critters! WebMistress [...]

Welcome to 2015

There are no photos today, as the girls are too busy napping. After all, last night was spent celebrating the coming of a new year…by napping!! We hope that everyone has a fantastic 2015!!!   >^..^< Meow!

Hello, Mo!!

WebMistress found a taker for Sushi’s holiday collar! Mo (a cousin in the family) looks fabulous!!     >^..^< Meow!


No, the photo of Sushi below does NOT show Christmas bliss. WebMistress stupidly bought a festive collar with matching cuffs thinking that Sushi would enjoy it. She didn’t….must remember to sleep with one eye open tonight, lest Sushi try to offer payback for her early morning collared fiasco…That is all.   Yes, the photo is [...]