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Stella Cat down!!

We are not sure exactly how this happened, but Stella has a broken paw! Last night she was walking with a limp, but she didn’t appear to be in severe pain. Indeed, she did not seem to be in any pain at all. Her front left leg is the one that is the problem.

Today her limp appeared to be worse, and I swear that her pink paw pads were bruised and that her leg was beginning to become swollen. Though limping, she was able to hobble around to eat and use the litter box. Oh, and she had no problem jumping over to me on the couch to suckle. (Each time she jumped, though, I cringed, thinking about how painful it must have been for her.) After a short trip to her new vet (Animal Medical Center in Trappe, PA), it was noted that she has a minor break in her paw. (I will post her films if I can figure out how to get them off of the disk.) Apparently it is a little worse than a hairline fracture, but it is not super serious. Unfortunately, however, to heal properly, she has to be splinted. I did not think that a splint would be terribly obtrusive. After all, the vet didn’t say that a cast would be needed. “Splint” just sounds not so bad, right?


Poor Stella. Poor, poor Stella. Her front left leg is completely encased in a purple splint. She walks unsteadily right now, but seeing her progress in the first few hours, I feel confident that she will be running around in no time. Of course, there are photos, but please don’t laugh at Stella. I hardly think that she’d laugh at you.


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