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This is how Mimi plays Ring!

Mimi’s favorite game after “The Light” or “Laser Dot” is Ring. You know those plastic rings that secure lids onto milk or water bottles? Yep, those rings. They bring Mimi bliss and joy. (We like to think that Sushi saw Mimi playing Ring so much that she recently started herself…See the post below.) Asking Mimi, “Where’s Ring?!” with feigned panic in one’s voice will usually make her perk up a bit. The actual game of Ring, however, is strictly initiated by Mimi. She will bring Ring to WebMistress and then WebMistress knows that she must toss Ring for Mimi, who will run after it, capture it, and return it to WebMistress. This will go on only as long as it pleases Mimi. Below are a few photos combined into one ring-tastic photo. This ring is pretty much colorless (but there are also blue, red, orange, and green versions), but you can see it if you look closely.

Mimi playing "Ring"

Oh, for those who don’t know, “The Light” is any reflection off of any item (cell phone, remote control, etc.) onto the floor, which compels Mimi to chase it like a maniac. We can all agree that a Laser Dot is self-explanatory. There is a clip of Mimi playing with The Light and one of her playing with Laser Dot.
Work that ring, Meemalou!! Show Sushi how you do!




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