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Stella and her x-rays

I had to cheat and do screen shots of Stella’s x-rays, but I managed to get them loaded into the site. There are two shots. They each show a close-up view of her injury form different angles. In this shot, I think that the break is more easily visible. Here is the other shot. Yuck. Seriously, that is nasty.

She will have to go back weekly for a check-up over the next 4-6 weeks, and possibly up to 8 weeks, depending on how quickly she heals. Maybe the next time she’ll get a different color wrapping on her splint. Pink would suit her well, I think.

It looks painful to me, but Stella seems to be in rather fine spirits. She is currently asleep on the couch on her favorite blanket. Sleep well, Stella!


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  • 1 traveling_talisman yazmış:

    @liberatedeye.comPoor baby, it’s a good thing you noticed before it got worse. That’s what happens when you have a loving mommy.

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