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Mega kitty update from a slacking blogger

It has been many months since I have posted an update to the blog. I am ashamed and embarrassed. Perhaps you mistakenly think that there is nothing new to report at World Headquarters, but you would be incorrect. What has been happening since the last post?

Stella’s cast has been removed and she is all healed and lovely again. We also noticed that she walks kind of, um, weird. It has nothing to do with her injured paw, though. It seems that both legs on one side of her body move and then the other two legs move. Most cats move the legs much differently. I don’t have the energy to describe it, but have a look at your cat the next time he strolls about and you will see what I mean. If you see that your kitty walks like Stella, let me know. How she doesn’t fall over I can’t understand. Perhaps I need to get a short video clip of this, but I digress.


Sushi had a spa day at a local place because I simply couldn’t get her to allow me to brush her. Her fur is extremely thick and she was shedding like crazy. I couldn’t take it any longer, so off she went to A Cat’s Meow Inn. I warned the groomer that Sushi might be a handful, and then I ran out of there like a flash. A few hours later I called to check on Sushi, praying that the lady grooming her hadn’t lost an eye or anything. Surprisingly, Sushi got a glowing report. She was bathed, dried, and brushed extensively. When I came to pick her up, she was a little annoyed and ready to leave, but she looked beautiful! The groomer placed a pretty pink bow on Sushi’s collar and she is still wearing it. I think that I’ll be taking Sushi back there when the seasons change and she begins to shed all over again.

On the fourth of July we discovered that Sashimi enjoys corn. The two humans of ate some corn on the cob and when we turned our backs for a moment, Sheems took the opportunity to abscond with an already eaten ear of corn. There were merely a few errant niblets remaining, but he didn’t seem to mind the scraps. He proudly carried it in his mouth to a small rug and there he dined. There are photos and video of the exciting event; however, I have not had the opportunity to edit and post them. You will see an update soon containing that very exciting footage.

Loulie celebrated his 12th birthday on 10 July 2008! He doesn’t look a day over 5! Loulie still takes the time to chase Mimi and Sushi around the house, usually initiating the festivities. He is quite spry for a 12-year-old kitty. A good time was had by all. There was much cat nip ingesting and hooting.

I just arrived home from a little overnight trip this afternoon. When I got back to World Headquarters, I immediately fed the cats. They have me well trained, you see. Loulie and even little Mimi Cat came running, but Sushi was nowhere to be found. Sushi never misses a dinner call. I called her name several times, but she still didn’t come to eat. I became a little nervous and I went to the bottom of the stairs to call her again. She emitted a pathetic little meow, but she still did not come down for her dinner. When I ran up the stairs, I found that the bedroom door had blown shut with little Sushi inside!! Unbelievably, the door was also locked! After a frantic few minutes I was able to jimmy open the door and free poor Sushi. She was in there for less than 24 hours, but I can’t be certain exactly how long she was trapped. In any event, she is fine now. She has eaten her dinner and is now looking out the back window with Mimi. All is right with the world.


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