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A quiet April

Things are quiet here at World Headquarters. The weather seems to be warming up (finally!) so that the windows can be kept open more frequently. Of course, the felines love the fresh air and the occasional bug that slithers inside. Sushi still patiently waits for her DoppleSushi; however, we know he won’t be coming back. DoppleSushi is under house arrest and has been for a year. Poor little Sushi – she really seemed to enjoy her visits with DoppleSushi.

As for Miss Sushi, I believe it is coming close to another spa visit for her. I cannot brush her for more than a few strokes before she howls and bites me. I’ll call today to get her an appointment. She does love her beauty days.

I wish I could capture Mimi to take her over for a spa visit. She’d likely have a stroke, the poor thing. At least she lets me brush her.

Loulie would also like a spa day, I think. He is secure enough in his masculinity that it would be okay for him. Yeah, he has no testicles, but he is still my big boy kitty. In fact, he is bigger than I remember for a while. It seems that he is putting on a little weight.

We’d also like to thank our behind-the-scenes web dude Tom. There was a slight malfunction of the site and Web Mistress had no clue how to fix it. Luckily, however, Tom did. Thanks, Tom!




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