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Sushi’s lion cut video

Yes, you read that correctly! I have a video of Sushi post-lion cut!!! Below is her “before” picture.


Sushi the furball

As you can likely see, there is A LOT of fur on this girl. There is so much that you can see it sitting on top of her fur and on the couch cushion. This is the furriest cat I have ever seen. Seriously, this cat has some thick fur. Lots o’ fur leads to many furballs. Yuck. Norma (of A Cat’s Meow Inn, in PA) came to the rescue and gave Sushi a lovely lion cut again this year. Instead of sharing a static image of my Sushi, I decided to share a video with you.

Sushi was outside eating grass and showing off her new ‘do. Since she looked so cute, I grabbed the camera and started rolling. She loves the camera and she decided to give me a show. Sushi myaked and squeaked. What followed? Uh, she hacked up a piece of grass onto the pavement. It was delightful and now it has been captured for all eternity so that I can share it with you. Click here and enjoy the Sushi love!



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