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You say it’s your birthday…

…Well it’s Loulie’s birthday, too!!


HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY TO LOULIE! He is, of course, the founder of and the feline patriarch of World Headquarters. Let us reminisce…


Loulie was adopted from a no-kill shelter in Frederick, Maryland, waaaaay back in 1996. He was but a wee kitten with lots of energy and a VERY loud purr. When he was a kitten, he would sleep on my pillow, sort of wrapping my head. Oh, and he’d PURR all night long. These were extraordinarily loud purrs that seemed to continue throughout the whole night, even if he was sound asleep. Webmistress got very little sleep at first, but she quickly learned that her wants and needs were secondary to those of Loulie.


When Loulie was around 3 years old, he began to have kidney problems (manifested by some howling, weight loss, and an episode of inappropriate tinkling on my wall). His “vet” at the time told me that I should simply put Loulie to sleep because he was too far gone. Webmistress is a stubborn woman and she does not like being told to kill her cat; therefore, she sought a second opinion and quickly took Loulie to a specialty hospital in Shady Grove, Maryland. One week, one surgery, and $4K later, Loulie was back home in Hershey, PA, just in time for his New Year’s Eve celebration. This was, incidentally, the first time he donned his now-legendary black bow tie. He was as good as new, rather like Loulie 2.0.


So here we are – 12 years later and Loulie is doing well. He has a special diet (carefully made by Webmistress just for Loulie) to take care of his kidneys and he drinks only distilled water. Keep in mind that kidney disease is not reversible. It will never get better, but I am doing all that I can to slow its progression to a sleepy crawl. Loulie has a very good life, partially as a result of Webmistress and her stubborn nature.


What does a 15-year-old cat look like? This:

Loulie at 15


15-year-old Loulie in profile


Yes, there will be tuna and Cool Whip served later today and all will rejoice.




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