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Sushi’s day at the kitty spa

Sushi has thick fur. She has a LOT of thick fur. I do not think that any cat at World Headquarters has more fur than my Sushi girl. As such, she tends to shed excessively when the seasons change. In fact, she sheds when you look at her, when you touch her…just all the time. Miss Sushi, delicate flower though she is, also tends to spew forth hairballs of massive proportions during the shedding weeks.


Seriously. ENOUGH HAIR BALLS. I will cry if I have to clean up one more hair ball.

Since Sushi will not allow me to brush her for more than ten strokes, I decided to make an appointment for her at the kitty spa. There is a cat groomer who lives in close proximity to World Headquarters. It is uncommon to find a groomer who focuses only on cats, so I feel pretty lucky that there is one who is nearby. I called the courageous kitty spa owner and booked Sushi for her appointment.

Thursday morning was finally upon us, and I had to gather up Miss Sushi for her spa day. I got a workout that morning. Who knew that my voluptuous kitty could run so freakin’ fast?! After a 10-minute hide-and-seek session, she was finally contained in her carrier and we were on our way. She does not seem to mind car rides, happily for me.

The last time Sushi went to the kitty spa, she received a good behavior report card. I did not expect it, and, in fact, I simply assumed that the groomer was lying to me just to make me feel better. Well, again Sushi received a good report from her groomer. And again, I was surprised. Apparently, Sushi enjoys her bathtime and furmination session. Maybe Norma gives Sushi some kind of kitty Benadryl or something to knock her out? Maybe a little nitrous? I don’t know what kind of voodoo that woman works, but WOW did she do a great job on my Sushi.

When I arrived to pick up Sushi, she was beautiful! Her coat was shiny and practically free of loose fur – and she seemed relaxed. She smelled like flowers. That is a little weird for a cat, but I am not really complaining. Also, her pink collar was adorned with a little heart-shaped pink gem-bow thing (in photo above). Yes, I’ll get some photos very soon so that you, too, can take in the lovliness that is my Sushi Cat. When I brought her home, she ate a little dinner, plopped herself on the couch, and she slept quite soundly the rest of the evening.

In any case, if you ever feel that your kitty could use a little relaxation, we at World Headquarters recommend A Cat’s Meow-Inn. It is a nice set up, with big windows, individual cages, a huge fish tank, and even a hamster (named Hams) who is known to roll about the kitty room in his hamster ball simply for the amusement of the cats. (And let’s face it, people, non-felines are here on this earth for the sole purpose of amusing the felines. You know it’s true.) Norma clearly loves what she does and she does a great job. Give her a call and give your kitty a little spa love. Remember: When kitty is happy, everyone is happy.



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