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A veritable cornucopia o’ videos

Well, for the second time in just three days, there is ANOTHER update to I updated you on Sushi’s spa day (post below) and I even included a small photo of her lovely bejeweled bow within the post.

What have I done for you today? I have uploaded four recently captured videos featuring four of the members of the family. Stella has been busy sleeping, so she will make an appearance at a later date. :)

One video is of Sushi making chirping noises each time I pop my gum. We call it “myaking” and it is rather amusing. I don’t think that it hurts her ears (or I’d stop doing it), and it sure is cute to watch. The second video is Sushi and Mimi watching the bubbles in the freshly filled water bottle. As the description says, the girls have been known to knock over the bottle, but this time they were rather subdued. They never tire of seeing a fresh water bottle being placed on the bowl.

The third clip is a very short one featuring Loulie and Sheems. Michael brought Sheemi over for a visit last week following his vet visit. (All is well with Sheemi, FYI.) Now, the last time Sheemi was in my house, he emptied his bladder on my couch and on my floor. (It was all good, though. I got a new couch out of it!) I digress. It was months since his last visit, so we were a little nervous about how the cats would behave. Mimi hid. Sushi growled and then hid. Loulie was pretty well behaved, but since it is HIS HOUSE, he was not about to let Sheemi in without at least a small show of his mighty force. He growled and hissed at Sheemi and then he ran down the stairs for a little nap. Sashimi just seemed to be confused. Good times.

The final clip features Sashimi on the stairs at the Eastern Headquarters of We found some stuffed mice (or are they rats?) at Ikea and Sheemi LOVES these things. He carries them around the house, throws them in the air to play with them, and he sleeps with/on them. His new favorite game is “Gary.” I don’t really remember why, but we refer to the mice as “Garys.” It is stupid, I know, but that is what we call them. When he is ready to play Gary, he will go up the stairs and stare at the lucky person on the couch. His eyes beam through the person till he gets the hint that Sheemi is ready to play Gary. Then said person will gather up all of the Garys (usually at least 6 of them for the most fun) and thrown them at him. Sheemi will bat at them and, on occasion, catch them. This can go on and on and on. The game will not end until Sheemi wishes it to end. The video is but a short teaser clip of the Gary game.

We hope that these videos will bring a smile to your face. They amuse us.



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