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Kitten shower at Kitty Cottage

YAY! The Kitty Cottage is a no-kill shelter in the Philadelphia suburbs. That is where I found Mimi Le Mew (previously known as Autumn).

On May 2nd they were holding a kitten shower, so Michael and I had to go!! We brought gifts of clumping cat litter and a big package of paper towels. We arrived and it looked just like a baby shower, except that there were (thankfully) no babies. There were KITTENS!! There were human treats like chips and brownies, too. Brownies and kittens? Sweet merciful heavens…what else could a person need?!

We fell in love with all of them, but one in particular seemed completely smitten with Michael. This kitten is named Greg and he is a beautiful polydactyl kitty.

Greg (an odd name for a cat, I’d say) fell asleep in Michael’s lap and a photographer there jumped all over the opportunity to grab some pictures. Oh, yeah, why was he named Greg? Apparently he was part of a group of kittens, each of which was named after a kid from the Brady Bunch. I don’t know that I’d keep his name if I adopted him, though. I mean, GREG? Really? He should be Muffin or Fluffy or Precious or something, eh?

I mean, really, people, how cute is Greg?! As you can see, Greg was completely relaxed and without a care. Oh, to be a cat…

Greg, of course, was not the only kitten in the kitten room. In fact, there were at least five others pouncing around the room. (One slept the whole time we were there.) A few of them were as young as six weeks old! Seriously, I would have loved to bring them all home with me, but that would have resulted in complete chaos at World Headquarters. Loulie would have gone on strike if I had brought home one of these babies.

I would like to thank the lovely lady who took the photos and allowed me to post them on She is starting a new photography business called You Oughta Be in Pixels. We hope that you enjoy these adorable kittens and perhaps in the future we’ll be bringing you more kitten love from Kitty Cottage.



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