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Harley is going to surgery!!

OH NO!! In the excitement of Baby Henry’s entrance into the family, there has been what we hope will be only a minor setback for another member of the family.

Harley, a pup in the Ritter’s Critters branch of the tree, has suffered an injury!!!

Today we have a guest blogger, Harley’s human mom. Her post is below and we’ll update here when we know more information (specifically after Harley’s surgery on Thursday the 11th of June).

If you are not familiar with Ritter’s Critters, you can go here to have a look. We don’t yet have a photo posted of the newest addition (a Papillon named Pippen) in the gallery, but we’ll get something soon. For now, here’s Daisey, another of the Ritter’s Critters:

Keep on keepin’ on, Harley!!!



[Note from your WebMistress: Any comments in brackets below are mine.]

Guest blogger: Niki (Harley’s human mom)

Friday night, Harley was running in the front yard. On his last trip back to me, he turned suddenly and came back to me on three legs. He was holding up his left rear leg.

I thought maybe he just pulled a muscle but he was panting heavily inside (ac on) and shivering. We took him to see Ed [WTH is Ed??] and he said to call the vet because he thought it was more serious than a pulled muscle.

The vet was closed but his answering machine gave his home phone number (one of the perks for living in the country). [That would be the ONLY perk I can think of!'s WebMistress is definitely NOT a country girl!] I called and explained what happened. The vet told me to call at 8 AM the next morning and tell the office staff that Harley was to be seen by the vet that day.

We took him to the vet at 1 PM and he examined our Harley. I told him what happened and he said that he tore his ACL and crushed the cartilage in his knee. He said the treatment is surgery. Chances of recovery without surgery are only 5%.

So, Harley goes in Thursday morning (6-11-09) for his surgery. He will need to be on a lead for several weeks after the surgery and we will need to make sure he doesn’t get carried away playing with our other critters. [OMG! He'll have to wear a cone!!!!]

In the meantime, we got him an orthopedic bed and he loves it. We have to chase Ginger, Daisy and Pip away from it though…they love it too!

Keep Harley in your thoughts and we’ll keep you posted.

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