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Fancy bird!

Today we had snow for the first time since just before Halloween! It is beautiful (especially since WebMistress doesn’t have to drive in it) and lovely and I’d guess that we got about 4 inches. Here’s a photo:
Lovely snow

A snowfall just makes the birds go on a feeding frenzy at the back door. Recently, a new type of bird has begun to feed at the back door. I call them Fancy birds, but their scientific name is Colaptes auratus. He (she??) is very handsome and today he brought a friend. There were two Fancy birds and a female cardinal feeding at the same time. The Fancy bird is actually a type of woodpecker (Northern Flicker, I do believe) and he is much larger than any of the other birds who frequent the feeders on the back window. Fancy bird is even bigger than the loud Starlings who also visit. A good photo has eluded WebMistress because they do not come to the feeders unless the shades are drawn. I found a photo at Wikipedia, but I’ll just include a link to it so that I don’t break some frikkin’ copyright law. Whatevs. My Fancy birds seem much larger (fatter?) than the one in the Wiki photo.





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