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Where my FTP at, yo?!?

Dang it, man. I just tried to upload some great pics of the cats, but the FTP is jacked. Cripes.

Then I thought that I’d convert some movies into the proper format for your online viewing enjoyment, including the much-anticipated Mimi vet visit clip, and NOTHING. The stupid program gave me an error message that there is not enough memory. Um. There was no other program open, so I am not sure WTF is up with that mess.

Right. I tried to update the site. It didn’t so much happen. Do I get points for the effort? Oy my head.

So, to hold you over till I speak with the technical specialist (Paging MICHAEL!!!!), here is a picture of Stella. In a box. From May 2006. (Ya, it is from the way-back machine.)


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