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I can haz HD videos?

Today is an exciting day for We are proud to share our first HD-quality video with you! Michael of East had to buy a new camera for his business and it has built-in HD video capability. Joy! Of course, his first priority was to take a video for

Even better than that? It features Stella in her recovery. Her recovery?! Ya. Poor Stella has had a little surgery. Michael is our guest blogger again today and he will tell you all about it. There are also some new photos of Miss Stella that you can see in her gallery.

Now, here’s Michael!


I’m happy to report that Stella is back home after her surgery and is recuperating in her private quarters. She’s an old girl, and lived on the streets for a while…The hard life eating dirt was not very good for her teeth. When I first brought her inside, she was already missing two pointy teeth, and had two that were rotten and had to be removed. She loves crunchy cat food too, but managed to eat her fair share as she still had her other teeth.

Unfortunately, it turns out that 5 of her other teeth had become decayed over the years and had to be taken out. She was probably in pain, but she didn’t complain much. So, two days ago she lost 5 more teeth. She’s good now, and the boys (Sheemi and Henry) are being kept away from her, as they’re very curious and won’t stop pestering her. She can’t have crunchies for 7 days though, and I’m not sure she’ll be able to chew them very well now, but that report will have to come later!


Thanks, Michael, for that excellent report! We all wish Stella a speedy recovery!



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