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Sushi’s bliss

Welcome to September! Fall is soon on the way, although you would never have guessed it by the humid air today at World Headquarters. The day started out fine, but the rain and higher temperature later in the day made for a soupy mess. (As we say here at World Headquarters, it was totally SNEH!!)
You are getting a treat today! There is a new video of Sushi in her happy place. She was kneading and purring and quite happy and we thought you might like to see her in a way that very few others have actually witnessed. If you turn up the volume, you should be able to hear her purrs o’ joy. Enjoy Sushi’s bliss! ((Oh, and this is a different file type that what I have used in the past, so if you have trouble viewing it, please leave me a comment below and let me know!!))



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