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Hurricane Sandy

Your faithful WebMistress is not home with the felines at World Headquarters. Oh, no. The kittehs are home alone!!!! WebMistress is at a conference in Baltimore. With a room on the 10th floor that faces Inner Harbor. During a hurricane. A HURRICANE, I SAID. Perhaps driving here early this morning was not the best decision, given that a frikkin’ hurricane is bearing down on the East Coast, but I am going nowhere now. The roads are closed pretty much all over. The GPS had to be reprogrammed so that the route to Baltimore did not go through Delaware. The roads were closed in Delaware to non-essential traffic even early this morning when The Bean (WebMistress’ little green car) hit the road at 5:45 AM.
Oh, when WebMistress returned to the hotel room this afternoon, the hotel staff had TAPED THE WINDOWS OF THE ROOM! Er, huh? Check this out, yo:

View from my room - Tape-free version


View from my room - Now with tapey goodness!!

A cat sitter is coming to feed, water, and clean up after the kittehs for the next few days. Also, the nice neighbor next to World Headquarters has a key, just in case a tree falls or something. If that happens and she has to rescue the babies, let’s hope that she can capture The Elusive Mimi Le Mew. (We wish her well if that actually happens.)
Happily, though, WebMistress’ friend was kind enough to provide her with access to the Regency Club at the Hyatt, which has free food and drinks. Woo!! The other good piece of news is that the delightfully obnoxious yellow slicker bought over a year ago finally is getting broken in.
And the peasants rejoiced.
Stay safe and dry, y’all!!!



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