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Mabel’s new life

Well, after nearly two months living in the basement of East, Miss Mabel is now in her new home. In case you do not remember, Mabel is an exceedingly friendly stray brought in by Michael a while back. The plan was to have her spayed and vaccinated (and likely taken in by one of the neighbors who already took in another stray), but the vet refused to do so after finding that she was positive for feline leukemia. The vet wanted to put her to sleep, but that was not an option for us. We are lucky that a fellow animal lover (Thanks, Richard!!) pointed us to a cat hospice that could take Mabel. It is The Best Little Cat House in PA and that is now Mabel’s new home.

We took Mabel there today and it is in a beautiful location in the woods. The Cat House is a place for unadoptable kitties to live out their days in an environment where they will be loved and cared for. Yes, it is a kitty hospice and no, you cannot go there to adopt a cat. Who lives there? There are cats with feline AIDS or feline leukemia (or both) and they stay in one area. Cats with cerebellar problems, incontinence, cancer, thyroid conditions, diabetes, or other conditions live in a different area. There are many nooks and crannies for the cats to relax or snuggle with one another.

Yes, your faithful Web Mistress was almost immediately in tears. Web Mistress has an enormous soft spot in her heart (yes, she has one!) for all animals, particularly cats. It is a wonderful place, really, it is, but seeing all the cats hit me harder than I had thought it would. Even on my visit to Best Friends I was able to hold it together, but here I cried like a ninny.

We took a tour and I suspect that any cat would be happy in this environment. This is a very cat friendly place! As I said before, there are many places for the cats to sit and hang out, and there are areas where the cats can be in an enclosed outdoor space to get some fresh air! There are squirrels and other woodland critters there so that the cats will have something to entertain them. Mabel seemed pleased with the window right next to her cage.

It was immediately clear that all of the volunteers there love each and every cat, no matter how ill. There was a black and while male cat who immediately greeted us. He was quite thin, with mucus running from his nose. His eyes were weepy and he was missing some fur on his back, along his spine. He looked very sick, but I don’t think that I have seen a friendlier cat in my life! I would guess that most people would likely not pay him attention and possibly ignore him intentionally because of his appearance. We petted him and we immediately made a friend. He kept following us around for more loving and petting. :) A volunteer scooped him up and they snuggled one another. He rubbed his cute snotty face against her head and the volunteer didn’t flinch. In fact, she cooed and fussed over him and another volunteer quickly joined in the love fest. This is what all cats need: unconditional love. (Oh, and to be spayed or neutered!)

Mabel immediately seems to have made friends. Several curious cats came right up to her carrier to say, “Welcome!” For now she will be kept in her own cage. Why? Yeah, she is preggers. *sigh* I do NOT want to go into more details than that because I can barely see through my tears as I type this. Once she has had her litter, they will let her out to socialize with the other kitties.

There was a man there dropping off a handsome white cat. This man just lost his business and he cannot keep his feline leukemia positive cat. He was very upset about this – in tears, in fact. He was even more stressed to find that once a kitty is dropped off here, there are no visits permitted and he cannot come back to take the kitty home with him if he’d change his mind. After he heard that, he had to walk out for a while to think about what he wanted to do. This man already has 10 cats (all feline leukemia negative) and there would be nowhere for him to isolate this other cat from the rest of his brood. The warehouse where his sick cat has been living will be taken away from the man, so that will no longer be a housing option for his cat. As we pulled out of the driveway, the man was standing outside near the road. I do not know what his final decision is, but I would be surprised if he left without his cat. We wish him and his kitty well.

And just in case you do not get it, let me break it down for you. (Yes, I am angry!) SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS, KEEP THEM INDOORS, VACCINATE THEM, AND LOVE THEM. Don’t make me tell you again.

If you are thinking about a charitable gift, please do consider The Best Little Cat House in PA, an IRS 501 (c) 3 ‘Not for Profit’ organization. They receive no federal or state funding and they depend 100% on donations.

There will be photos added in a few days, but we were just too upset to edit them today. We love you and we miss you already, Mabel! You will always be a member of the family.



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  • 1 noname yazmış:

    I also was at the BLCH on 3/21/10, I believe you were leaving crying as I was going in crying. I am still crying about my little Munchkin. When I left after 2:00 p.m., the man with the white cat was still trying to decide what to do. Lynn was trying to explain to him that if the cat was not eating, which it was not, that he was not doing it a favor by taking it home. I don't know if she was successful. I don't want to go on too long until I make sure you get my message.

  • 2 Loulie the Cat yazmış:

    Cindy, thank you for your comment and for the update. I felt very badly for that poor guy. :( If you would like to talk though e-mail instead of through the comments section on this site, send another comment to me with your e-mail address. I will not publish it, but I'll reply though my e-mail. :)

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