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Mimi Le Mew gives thanks…

Myaky Thanksgiving from all of us at World Headquarters!! We all are thankful for many things, but today you will get to see just how thankful one special feline is. WebMistress purchased an as-is table from Ikea (for a mere $5!) and all the cats LOVE it. Loulie pounces from it and Sushi sleeps under it. Mimi loves it more than any of the other kitties, though. Today you will get to see just how much she loves it in a little video. This little clip was just a sampling of Mimi’s love. The rubbing lasted for about another minute. She really loves that table.
All of us here hope that you have a beautiful day filled with lots of turkey, giblets, and gravy. Gobble gobble!! Mmmmmmm…giblets…



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