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Catnip ball o’ joy

WebMistress was recently invited to a kitten shower to welcome home a friend’s two new kittens. Of course, there were presents to be offered to the precious fur babies. One of the goodies in the gift bag was a cat nip ball. It is about the size of an egg, but is is round instead of egg-shaped. It is simply a ball of dried catnip. The kittens loved it! The little girl kitty was rather…stoned. WebMistress – of course – also lavished this catnip delight on the kitties here at World Headquarters. Not surprisingly, it was VERY well received and there is video proof of the joy that the cats experienced. Being a little lazy, I will post just Loulie’s video right now; however, you can rest assured that clips of both Sushi and Mimi will soon follow. In fact, I think that Mimi loved the nip ball most of all the kitties. There are four clips of Meems, so the decision will be made about which one to post. Perhaps all four will be posted. We’ll see.

Incidentally, today at World Headquarters, we received between three and four inches of snow.

Snow. In March. Really, people?

Does Mother Nature understand that it is now Spring and not Winter? Ugh. We all long for the warm weather so that the kitties can venture outside without freezing off their little toe beans.

Toe beans!!



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