Read all about Loulie and his saucy feline friends!

Sushi, Stella, and Henry show the nip ball some love…

As the previous post stated, the catnip ball made all three cats at World Headquarters happy and a bit…intoxicated. The last time, you saw Loulie’s encounter with the nip ball, but today you can watch Sushi. Fear not, y’all! The clip (or possibly clips) featuring the elusive Mimi Le Mew are on the way very soon!!
Oh, and lest ye think that Stella and Henry might have missed out on the catnip ball craze, fear not! A catnip ball was sent to them in sunny California. It met with rave reviews there as well, as you can see in the two photos below. :) YAY FOR CATNIP!!! Here is Miss Stella…

Stella does love her nip!

…and here is Henry…

Henry curled up with yummy nip...

Appropos to pretty much nothing, today is the anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear – um – situation that happened on March 28, 1979. WebMistress was but a youngster at that time and she lived within the 10-mile evacuation radius. Nice. That explains quite a lot about WebMistress, incidentally. The most traumatic thing to young WebMistress and her two younger siblings was that when we all evacuated upstate, the two cats were left behind. We cried and cried until our Dad drove back home to get Dolly and Oliver. (They were such good cats. Much love to Dad who drove back to rescue them for his crying children.) T.M.I., indeed.



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