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Hmmm…I’ll give this a try…

Okay. Since has moved to WordPress, I have been lax in updating it. I am scared of new things. I knew how to use the old site, but this new one frightens me. New is bad, mmmkay? I’ll hope this this post comes out okay, but I am not holding my breath.

There is exciting news that we’d like to share. Miss Sushi went for a spa day on the 17th of May. She came home SHAVED! She looks like a black and white lion and I think she is much happier now. Her fur is thicker than any other cat I have seen in my life. Just looking at her makes her shed. There’s black fur everywhere, man! Oh, and I didn’t even mention the lovely hairballs that keep appearing. The most special ones are the ones that WebMistress steps on in the middle of the night. It is simply delightful. Yikes.

So…something interesting is how utterly tiny Sushi is. In some of her photos, it may appear that Sushi is – um – a little rubenesque. Now that she is shaved clean, I can see that this is simply untrue. Sushi is very small, but her fur is so thick that it must give her an additional two inches of girth!! I have heard folks say something like, “I’m not fat, I’m just fluffy.” Well, this is actually true for my Sushi. She really was just fluffy! Anyhoo…she seems to enjoy her new look. I have a small video and some photos to share, but I have to see if I can figure out the logistics.

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, Little Baby Henry is taking his vacation here at World Headquarters West. Sheemi and Stella are having some alone time while their keeper is on vacation. This means that WebMistress is spending a few hours each day at World Headquarters East to tend to Sheemi’s and Stella’s needs. They were very happy to see me today. In fact, Stella got a sound spanking and Sheemi attached himself to my hip while I sat on the couch.

I do believe that Henry has separation anxiety, so I asked his keeper/daddy/feeder to call my phone and leave a message for Henry. When I play it for Henry, it seems to calm him. Thank goodness!

Loulie and Mimi are well, albeit unimpressed with Sushi’s new ‘do and with Henry’s visit. Whatever. They’re cats. They will get over it.



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