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~*~ The end of 2013 ~*~

Today is the last day of 2013. Loulie is already in his traditional black bow tie, although WebMistress has been unable to grab a photo of him with his eyes open. That darn flash simply vexes him; therefore, he refuses to keep his eyes open for most photos.

My bow tie is the shiznit. Happy 2014!!!

Per usual, the celebrations will be mostly chill here at World Headquarters. There might be a little bit of excitement later today when we break out the catnip papers. Yes, I said catnip papers…The head of the Ritter’s Critters crew gifted a lovely bag of goodies to Loulie, Mimi, and Sushi for the holidays and one of the items inside is cat nip paper. They are like Post-it Notes, but infused with catnip, and they simply have been making the girls a little nutty. Mimi seems especially to be under the spell of the ‘nip, making herself puffy several times yesterday while under the influence of said ‘nip. Don’t judge them. Oh, and since the girls rarely pose for photos alone, much less together, this little spooky pic was snapped this morning. Sushi is in the front and Mimi is in the back. They seem to be slightly possessed…or possibly under the influence of those catnip papers… 

Spooky girls - Sushi and Mimi

Curses! Immediately after writing that Mimi and Sushi never pose for photos together, WebMistress was yet again proven to be wrong:

Girls just want to have fun...on their Slanket!!

Finally, while we try not to put photos of people on, this year there is an exception being made. There was a photo taken the other day that has both Loulie and his mommy together with their eyes open!!! This is a rare event, so enjoy the photo loveliness, y’all!! (with extra special thanks to the human in charge of the Ritter’s Critters crew for the lovely photo)

Loulie and mom in the sun - 28Dec13


Here’s hoping that you and yours have a wonderful 2014 from all of us at World Headquarters!!!



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